A Sunset Surprise

A Sunset Surprise

On a recent trek to capture another sunset over Rockland Harbor, I arrived at my destination near the City’s fish pier and quickly stepped out of the vehicle knowing that the sun had already slipped below the horizon.

Thinking to my self that there was no time to lose, the goal was to find a fitting spot at water’s edge before the evening’s pastel pinks and purples rapidly lost their vibrancy in the wake of the sun taking leave of its blue firmament.

Sunset reflects in standing water

An unexpected discovery of sunset glitter serves as a reminder of life (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

No sooner had I taken a few steps toward the back of the car, when a reflection of colorful beauty stopped me right in my tracks. For a moment, water’s edge and a skyward glance would have to wait.

Surrounded by stacks of floating docks, muddy tire tracks, and even splatters of guano, was a sunset sky reflecting up at me from standing water on the macadam of the parking lot.

If it were possible, the colors shimmying in the water were more beautiful than what appeared in the sky above me. A first attempt to photograph this pool of pastels yielded disappointment as I had a difficult time trying to avoid the reflection of an unsightly telephone pole that decided it too wanted in the same frame.

Angling around the reflection, seconds later I found the only position that would permit an unobstructed shot of sunset glitter. After a few snaps, I hustled over to water’s edge and captured a few traditional sunset views, but the appeal became secondary to the beauty of my unexpected discovery.

City of Rockland's Fish Pier at Sunset

Pastel colors fill the sky above the City of Rockland's Fish Pier (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

As I walked back to my car, it struck me that similar to life one never knows where the gift of beauty might reveal itself – and at times when we’re not even looking for it.

One last glance back at the standing water revealed the reflective color had lost its luster, but no matter – the memory of this delightful sighting and its real life reminder will linger on.