A Sweet Look at Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

A Sweet Look at Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
November sunrise over Penobscot Bay

Sunrise over Penobscot Bay on the morning of November 28, 2010 (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

This past Sunday my family and I got up early to enjoy sunrise along the Rockland Breakwater, and afterwards, decided to take a stroll down Main Street in downtown Rockland to admire the Christmas lights and decorations that adorned many of the storefronts.

As we walked up one side of Main Street and down the other peering in the festive windows of the stores and galleries, we were also treated to artistic gingerbread house creations that could be found in a number of storefronts.

The gingerbread houses, which were decked out in a holiday theme and capped with a touch of winter, were part of the first-ever Gingerbread Houses on Main Street event, which was sponsored by Rockland Main Street, Inc.

Though all the entries that my family and I viewed were very good, one particular creation caught our eye – a delicious-looking Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse gingerbread!

Gingerbread Rockland Breakwater Light

A wonderful gingerbread rendition of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, which was an entry in the 2010 Gingerbread Houses on Main Street, sponsored by Rockland Main Street, Inc. (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Not only was the lighthouse well done in an edible form of gingerbread, candies and icing, the rendition also contained the likeness of the 51-ft. WWII Liberty Launch, Rendezvous, which is a familiar sight in Rockland Harbor throughout the summer season.

As my wife Ann read the entry form that was sitting near the lighthouse, we came to learn that the gingerbread was made by Captain Brenda Walker, who is the skipper of the Rendezvous.

I chuckled after Ann read the form, for now I knew why the lighthouse and the Rendezvous looked so great! For few know the harbor and the lighthouse quite like Captain Brenda, and on top of that, she is also a long-time supporter of the efforts of the Friends of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse to preserve the 1902 sentinel. How fitting!

I’ve seen Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse during sunrise, sunset and storm, and admired a plethora of artwork and photos depicting the beacon, but never before had I seen a gingerbread likeness of the sentinel. What a treat in more ways than one!

Rockland Breakwater Light

The Rendezvous passes by Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)


The WWII liberty launch Rendezvous, which now serves as a delightful charter in Rockland Harbor and Penobscot Bay (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Rockland Breakwater Light

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse stands sentinel at the outer edge of Rockland Harbor (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)