Blizzard of 2010 along the Midcoast of Maine

Blizzard of 2010 along the Midcoast of Maine
Cows at a Rockport farm

Cows at a Rockport farm seem oblivious to the snow around if to say, "what's the big deal?" (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

The blizzard of 2010, which brought much of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England to a grinding halt with heavy snow and high winds, seemed a tad off its game by the time the storm reached Maine.

Arriving a day after Christmas, the northeast storm somewhat underperformed in regards to forecasted snowfall, but what it lacked in copious amounts of snow, it made up for in relentless winds.

Overall, Midcoast Maine received about ten inches of snow from the blizzard that raged through the night on December 26th and into the day on the 27th.

As for the snow that fell, it found no rest once it landed on the ground. The blizzard’s furious winds, which gusted as high as 50-knots, picked up swathes of snow throughout the duration of the gale, sweeping it fitfully through the air and causing dangerous white-out conditions and snow drifts.

Pathway to the Rockland Breakwater

Pathway to Rockland Breakwater is buried under 5-foot to 8-foot drifts (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

In fact, if not for the unrelenting wind, the blizzard might have been considered “just another snowstorm” along the Maine coast. But because of its gusting ferocity that would not quit even after the northeaster pulled away from the coastline headed towards the Canadian Maritimes, the storm – and its timing on the heels of Christmas, will make this weather event a memorable one as 2010 comes to close.

Main Street in Rockland

Conquering the elements and open for business at Atlantic Bakery along Rockland's Main Street (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

The Strand in Rockland

This time all the action is going on outside the Strand (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Plowing Rockland's Main Street

"All business" when it comes to snow plowing in Rockland (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Rockland's Main Street

Winter wonderland along Rockland's Main Street (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)

Rockland's City Fish Pier

Rockland's fishing fleet hunkered down at the City Fish Pier (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

St. George River

Icy wasteland along a tributary leading to the St. George River in South Thomaston (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)