Symbol of Valentine’s Day with a Nautical Flare

Symbol of Valentine’s Day with a Nautical Flare


Lobster trap tree

A lobster trap tree with a Valentine's Day touch at Fox's Lobster House in York Beach (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Ann-Marie and I would like to wish everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day as we all celebrate this day and show love and appreciation for those special “lights” in our lives.

When we think of Valentine’s Day and the meaning it contains for one’s sweetheart, the rocky coast of Maine with its rugged traditions by the sea might seem to be the last place you would find a whisper of emotion laced with a warm touch of red.

Yet there is a place amidst the realm of salt air that is a sweet reminder to the fact that Cupid takes aim everywhere – even along the tide-swept edge where land meets sea.

Winter’s grip may still be holding on tight here in February, but at Fox’s Lobster House at Sohier Park in York Beach, Maine, an ever-changing holiday lobster trap tree is able to inspire a smile and melt away any icy chills.

The lobster trap tree is draped in Valentine decorations, sports one cute Teddy Bear nestled into the creation, and of course, is fittingly accented in red by an array of lobster buoys. Finally, the lobster trap tree is topped by Cupid who has his arrow primed landward.

Valentines Day touch on lobster trap tree

A close-up view of the Valentine's Day decorations, including the Teddy Bear and a Cupid topper (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)

The sight of the lobster trap tree is so neat, we wanted to share it with all of you – and you in turn can share it with your special someone.

Again, happy Valentines Day – and don’t eat too much chocolate! :)