Exquisite Beauty Aglow

Exquisite Beauty Aglow
Guiding light

Owls Head Light sends out its guiding beam over West Penobscot Bay (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

There are those occasions when a scene is so captivating that it seems best admired by saying nothing. Such is the case with the beauty of a Fresnel lens aglow.

While at Maine’s Owls Head Lighthouse recently, the opportunity presented itself to observe dusk meld into nightfall. At the center of twilight’s transition was the riveting beauty of the beacon’s fourth order Fresnel lens, which grew more powerful and alluring by the moment.

Few things speak to our souls like a guiding light against the darkness, so I hope a few of these photos might stir your imagination like they did mine!

Sunset on May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011 sunset over Rockland Harbor as seen from Owls Head Lighthouse (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)

Owls Head Fresnel

Owls Head's fourth order Fresnel grows brighter by the moment as the light of day fades (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)


Reflections of beauty (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Glass, brass and light

Glass, brass and one dazzling light (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Shining seaward

Shining faithfully seaward (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

A glow to warm the soul

A glow to warm the soul (Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.)

Dusk melds into nightfall

Dusk melds into nightfall at Owls Head Lighthouse (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)

Domain of light

Domain of light (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)

Radiance takes hold

Radiance takes hold (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)

Riveting power and beauty

Riveting power and beauty (Photo by Ann-Marie Trapani)